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Dancing live oak

Here’s a sexy tree. It is a quercus virginiana, a live oak. It has a really strong leader that is suddenly taking off. Bizarre, I haven’t repotted in maybe 3 years. Something is not right (or, more precisely, something is … Continue reading

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American elm root-cutting restyle/repot

This write up wasn’t going to happen, but then I posted (on my various social media platforms) this pic: Now, you’d think that people (and you Kaya) would focus on the bloody thumb, but no, NOOOO, they wanted to see … Continue reading

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This tree will bug a lot of people

You might have seen this tree before. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll remember that it made an appearance in this post here. That post was about patience, developmental steps, and beer. This was but one of three … Continue reading

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Collected hackberry repot and revisit

Here’s the big tree I promised you in the last post. I think I’m finally getting into the swing of things again too, this is a large tree (I won’t be doing any swinging anytime soon though, if you know … Continue reading

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A slightly neglected Chinese elm

This post begins inside and ends up outside. Opposite of the last post I guess. Must mean I’m making progress. Here’s the little tree. It a very modest Chinese elm. It began life a an s-curve and I chopped it. … Continue reading

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Refining a juniper or, how to carve a turkey

It’s off to my sister’s for a Thanksgiving dinner (that won’t be beat) and I need something to do while I wait for the turkey. I know, this’ll keep me occupied. Juniperus procumbens nana, a japanese juniper. I’m babysitting my … Continue reading

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Some quick and harsh lessons from the Sunshine State.

Wow. I bet you’d like to own this tree. Good size, not a bad pot. It was styled by a pretty big name in the business too! Wanna buy it? No, you don’t. Why? Look close at that right branch. … Continue reading

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