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Total Willowleaf Ficus Drama!

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see..” Henry David Thoreau What are we looking at here? What do you see? I can already guess what the responses will be, I’m a psycho…..uh, I mean a … Continue reading

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Yeah, it’s another trunk chop, like butta!

Here’s an easy one for me, but maybe not so for you all. Exhibit A: Ficus salicaria, or willow leaf ficus to us non-Romans. Dave (you guys remember Dave, right?) won this tree on the raffle table at the last … Continue reading

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Trident Maple update

A quick update on the trident I chopped back in this post. It was funny the response I got from that entry. Some people were horrified and some people were ecstatic. Here’s how we left the tree. It tree looked … Continue reading

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A trident maple getting my “usual” treatment

Here’s another chunky monkey trident maple I have the privilege of working on. If you are wondering, after the suggestive title, what my usual treatment might be you are about to find out, my friends. My friend Dave, who shall … Continue reading

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Two quick trees and some fall color (yes, in January)

This will be a quick post on two unusual trees and a parting shot of some rare, late color on one of my red maples. The first tree is a Brazilian Raintree that I propagated through an air layer (which … Continue reading

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Some chopping, some refining, and a piece of…..art?

Let’s take a look at three trees and see if I can form a coherent and connected narrative out of the techniques I used on them. The trees. An ilex schillings that needs some refining. A bouganvillea that I’ve pretty … Continue reading

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Ficus microcarpa: Da’ Beast

This post requires a visit to the armory I Choose my weapon, This is still sharp enough, I hope Time to tame Da’ Beast. His lair Verdant and growing on both sides: The Greenhouse There he is! What a beauty! … Continue reading

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