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Refining a ficus salicaria (formerly nerifolia,salicifolia, et al) The saga of the Willowleafianus

……and we join this post already in progress: I’m in Cincinatti with Evan, current president of the BSGC. Mid June. Day three of my trip. Doing some BS with the Prez of the BS of Greater Cincy and talking some … Continue reading

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Just a Regular day at the nursery

This post will show some work in the nursery. The time of the year is mid-June,so the work on the buttonwoods is timed just right. This is a giant buttonwood that was actually the top of a tree collected by … Continue reading

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an old ilex

I just recently picked up an ilex schillings from a friend. His current situation is forcing him to cut back on his bonsai collection and I helped him out. Here is the before from the front. It has a good … Continue reading

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Collecting a large tree

This post chronicles me and my comrades misadventures collecting a full size Chinese Elm. I got a call from Nick saying a company was cutting down some 20-25 ft tall Chinese elms in front of his work. Seeing as I … Continue reading

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A Quick how-to. A little off topic from bonsai but, it’s my blog. We have a pineapple. We grasp the top Twist it off Peel off the bottom fronds or leaves Until you find roots Fill up a pot with … Continue reading

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Air layering a Brazilian Raintree

I was hoping to do a styling or carving post next but propagation in the nursery (real work) is calling. This post will explain a bit on the why, when,how and “uh ohs!” of air layering. The species I am … Continue reading

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