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Today’s labor

This post will show some techniques that tend to get glossed over in the basic how-to manuals. This is a ficus retusa I originally got from Jim Smith’s nursery, Durastone. It was in his medium size (10″ bulb pan). At … Continue reading

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Brazilian Raintree airlayer Revisit

Remember this tree? I put the airlayers on this Brazilian Raintree at the beginning of June. It is July 26th now. Wooooeeeee! Success! It’s actually growing pretty well This branch is new About 2 feet long ( I know, I’m … Continue reading

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Florida privet project

This little tree is known as the Florida privet. It’s not a true privet though (ligustrum species) but is called the forestiera segregata. Same family as a ligustrum, the olive (Oleaceae) family. It is native to the coasts of Florida … Continue reading

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Some updates

I got home today and it had rained, so I didn’t have to water. Being the awesome gardener I am, I used the time to do a walk around. This hackberry is already putting out new buds (it’s been 8 … Continue reading

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Special ficus

I found this ficus a few years ago someplace (it had to be someplace, or somewhere I guess) maybe Wal-Mart or just a random nursery (as I am wandering around the state). At first I thought it was a ginseng … Continue reading

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Wood carvings

Here are some pics of some of my wood carvings. I’ll add more as I go This is one of a series I did with red cedar I found after the hurricanes a couple of years back. They are in … Continue reading

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Ficus microcarpa chop

Here is a ficus I found from a man who was moving to Arizona and didn’t think that he could grow it there. (this will be an inebriated post, see if y’all can tell the difference) One side Another Third … Continue reading

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