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Jim Smith trip. And a glancing brush with hurricane Isaac

It seems like we’ve missed our exit. I certainly do not remember ever seeing those power poles before. Next exit, pee break, get out the iPhones and map us a route. We are on the road to Jim Smith’s nursery … Continue reading

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Neea Buxifolia. Esas neeas estan lindas

Nia… in Latin, neea buxifolia. In English, saltwood. This tree should be used more outside of Puerto Rico and Florida. Why? This is why: My friends, this is Mr. Mike Sullivan’s spectacular Nia specimen. It has won many awards; at … Continue reading

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Creation #234. Wabi-sabi 22.

Originally posted on Circadian Creative:
There is a profound, poignant beauty in a man-made structure or sculpture that has been ravaged by the forces of nature, particularly time. I will let you draw your own impressions of this image. Just…

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How to attach them pesky screens

Throughout the recorded history of bonsai, many ways of covering the drain holes have been devised. Broken pottery, rocks, small animal skeleton rib cages, bamboo lattices, all tried and mostly failed. During the beginning of the Twentieth Century various manufacturing … Continue reading

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I picked up this nifty sketchbook a few years ago and then promptly lost it. I finally found it (obviously) and now I think I will fill it up and record those drawings on my blog. (It is my blog, … Continue reading

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Willow leaf ficus chop

Poor tree. Poor Dave. If you know me, you’ll know how this will end. It looks so full. Why would anyone want to chop that pretty tree up? Why, to make it prettier. Of course. There’s a good look at … Continue reading

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Dwarf jade. Portulacaria afra

One of my favorite species for bonsai is the dwarf jade. A great deal of traditionalists don’t like them, though. The refrains are “it’s not a real tree” “the leaves are funny” “I always over water them” …etcetera etcetera etcetera…. … Continue reading

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