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What is a “bonsai tree”?

This article will be different than most “what is..” offerings about bonsai. It is coming from me, so it’s a given that there will be idiom, slang, intentionally misspelled words etc, plus my odd humor thrown in. It might even … Continue reading

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How I make bonsai soil

As a follow up to my post on soil ingredients (click here….now!) here are my soil composition percentages and sifting techniques. Remember, though, that this soil is what works for me. It also works for many others out there but … Continue reading

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Podocarpus carving at Old Florida Bonsai

When they bring you your demo tree in the bucket of a tractor You know it’s gonna be a fine show. Mighty fine. I was invited to participate this year at the 2nd Annual Bonsai Bash held at Old Florida … Continue reading

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Holy Balls! Guy Guidry at the NoNaMe Bonsai Study Group

So, people… I must say that, as there are more and more serious bonsai-ists out there trying their best to turn Bonsai into an industry, even into a Big Business, with supply chains and professional this and thats, we must … Continue reading

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Specimen Crepe Myrtle progression

This is a beast of a tree. I collected it last year from a friends yard. It’s a crepe myrtle that probably started out as a multi-trunk that fused as it grew. Which is a pretty common landscape practice here … Continue reading

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Big Ol’ Trident Maple Project

Now, my dear readers, I am excited to share with y’all the initial work (the timing is finally right ) on this tree. I’ve missed the opportunity for a couple of years but now is the perfect time so….here…we…go! Its … Continue reading

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Hackberry..uh,sugar berry….Celtis species update

Here’s a quick update on the development of my hollow trunked shohin hackberry. This is the original post. It has been trimmed in the interim (promise) but I have let it grow since the end of summer. I am a … Continue reading

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