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Wiring black pine seedlings (from Bonsai Tonight)

Thanks Jonas, I’m re- blogging it for my friends who are just starting to grow black pine seedlings.

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Ilex flattop!

I warned ya’ll that I had a flattop ilex in the works. Here’s how it came to be: In the beginning, we had some small yamadori that needed collecting. T’were growing amidst the roots of a mighty live oak and … Continue reading

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Update on the “Specimen” ficus microcarpa

The beginning of this trees story began here, click back and read through the old post. I’ll wait………………. Back? K! Here it is today: Before I begin, I apologize to Tony; I’m not grilling anything today. I actually had Wendy’s … Continue reading

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Spring maintenance on 5 ilex bonsai. Yes, more ilex, sorry

Okay, I admit it, I have an ilex problem. I collect ilex bonsai the same way that some people collect Hummel figurines, baseball cards, comic books or cats. Or even ex-husbands. What can I say? they have small leaves, quick … Continue reading

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Four updates: four ilex, one male, one old, one potato, one pig

These will be quick updates as I did little to them but repot so……. The first tree is the male ilex vomitoria from this post (clicketh hither) It was time for a new pot. If you remember, this is not … Continue reading

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So I chopped the trunk and let it grow, now what?

There’s a cute little devil! This little tree is a ficus salicaria (nerifolia, salicifolia,willowleafyanus) a willow leaf ficus (or narrow leaf). I like to refer to it as the ficus formerly known as…….. The view from all angles. Here is … Continue reading

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The trees of the 2013 Epcot Flower and Garden show

One thing that always happens to me when I have a tree on display is, when I get to looking at all the other beautiful trees, you begin to look at your own and think it not worthy. I think … Continue reading

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