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Dwarf jade repotting

It’s that time of the year again to start playing with my portulacaria. Which sounds funny. Maybe a song title? Hmmmmnnnnn…… “Playing With My Portulacaria” Just maybe. Anyway, these two trees desperately need repotting And I’m the man to do … Continue reading

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Let’s air layer everything!

It’s that time of the year, when the sap is flowing and the wood is getting hard. When the hormones are beginning to do their chemical wonders and the smell of propagation is in the air. Cuttings, seed, and air … Continue reading

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Styling Demonstration at Brevard Bonsai Society

This weekend I was asked by the Bonsai Society of Brevard to give a demonstration. They gave me freedom to choose my material and I used an ilex I’ve been prepping for about 3 years for the demo. Here it … Continue reading

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Ginseng and S-curve ficus Rogues gallery

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for reading past the title and at least entertaining the idea that a ginseng or S-curve ficus could be a suitable piece of material for bonsai. I recently wrote a piece (here) that shows … Continue reading

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Shohin Green Island Ficus, Banyan Style

Here we have before us, my friends, a shohin, banyan style, green island ficus It’s finally growing again (after an odd winter and spring) and now it’s time for some spring maintenance. Here’s a better view I got the tree … Continue reading

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What shall you do with a ginseng ficus?

Look at them. They’re tempting, aren’t they? This is the tree that seems to be supplanting the juniper as the official “mallsai” We call it the “ginseng” ficus, although it really has nothing to do with ginseng. I believe it’s … Continue reading

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Maintenance Duty at Epcot

Every year, in the spring, Epcot has a Flower and Garden festival that usually lasts from March to May. Within Epcot there are different countries represented in themed pavilions and Japan happens to be one if them. One of Japan’s … Continue reading

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