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Strangler fig bonsai?! Say what?!

Who, in their right mind, would ever think that a strangler fig, with the ginormous leaves and the aggressive aerial roots, would (or could) make a good bonsai? This guy ⤵ That’s who. Plus, Erik Wigert, Jim Smith, Pedro Morales … Continue reading

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Rejuvenating a ficus bonsai, part 2

Well, it’s kinda like this..I was thick in the moment, working on my trees, and I just grabbed this ficus and chopped it back without thinking I got it at the BSF convention to use as the subject for a … Continue reading

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Some Refinement Tips on a Yaupon Holly Yamadori

This is that update I had promised in the last post on this big Yamadori yaupon Here’s a much better pic of it The original post was here. And this is how we left it, all alone on the bench … Continue reading

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Progressions, updates, and a new (to the blog) tree.

It’s time for some progress reports. Here are four trees I’ve been working on. One tree you’ve never seen before, unless you’re a Facebook friend, on Instagram or the /r/bonsai board on Reddit. Here they are before work: Well, the … Continue reading

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Two ficus, two treatments

Two trees, one a ficus microcarpa “retusa”, one a ficus salicaria, are before us. First, though, some diagnostics for your perusal. This leaf damage is caused by a bug called a thrip. It can affect ficus benjamina, ficus microcarpa, and … Continue reading

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Air layering success and failure

This is a partial update on the last air layer post (go here). Partial because the podocarpus has not pushed roots yet (though it is beginning to callous); the smaller hackberry air layer has roots but the larger does not; … Continue reading

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Buttonwood Recarve and style: part two

When last we left our intrepid buttonwood it was in danger of molestation from that bottle of 1800 añejo tequila. Here’s a better picture Lets talk about straight lines. This is a serious question I have for my readers. Why … Continue reading

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