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A reader’s willow leaf ficus

I get an email from a loyal reader, Matthew I picked up a ficus nerifolia….. I thought the tree had potential when I first purchased it but now after staring at it for a while I’m pretty stumped. If I … Continue reading

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A modest Chinese juniper

Another juniper? And again, in July? Why not? Today’s victim: A juniperus chinensis “parsonii” (or at least that’s what we call it. It’s not really parsonii: see this post) I don’t remember where I got it from, probably from a … Continue reading

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S-curve elm revisit, although they’re not really S-curves anymore

Since the last post (clicketh hither) I’ve had some great growth. So much so that I’m glad I was wandering and wondering around the nursery looking for something to do. If I hadn’t been looking I would have lost shape … Continue reading

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A juniper bonsai……wait, Adam’s doing a juniper?!

This post has taken seven months to complete. Not the writing but the waiting…for the tree. And, yes, today’s subject is some kind of juniperus chinensis. I thought it was a Parsons juniper but, after doing some research, the Parsons … Continue reading

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Growing Bonsai

So…you’re at a store or nursery and you see a plant that is advertised as a bonsai. It’s really just a little stick in a pot (it doesn’t look like that to you at the time, its only after you’ve … Continue reading

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Repot, rewire, revisit. Ficus microcarpa specimen

Just a scant 3 1/2 months later the wire is cutting in nicely I love saying that the wire has to cut in. It drives people nuts. But it has to on a ficus. I’ll show you why later. This … Continue reading

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Repotting My Bougainvillea Beastie

It’s shave and haircut time for my big bougie. This tree was on display for the 2012 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival in the Japanese pavilion. Here’s some pics of it at that time. This pic was taken by my … Continue reading

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