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Since we’re talking neeas….

I had a request from Kevin in Illinois to give an update on this neea- From this post. It, in these short months, looks nothing like my sketch yet. Unless you stand on your head, squint really hard and use … Continue reading

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A Neea bonsai with some shiny new shoes

It took me long enough (right?) but I finally found the time (and ambition, had to be that energy drink) to repot my neea buxifolia (in Puerto Rico it’s spelled “Nia”.). For those so inclined, or who haven’t seen the … Continue reading

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Hackberry, ilex, Brazilian Raintree and potato.

We have, for your viewing pleasure, four trees that have progressed well and need a little showing off. These three: And this one: I hope you guys appreciate the links I’m about to provide. Doing the research into my archives … Continue reading

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Old elæagnus pungens bonsai

Lookie here- Who’s been taking care of this poor tree? It’s way over grown and probably ruined. You just can’t let a tree get so leggy and long, the internodes will be all stretched and wide. What kind of idiot … Continue reading

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Bonsai styling by mail

I got a package! It’s like Christmas! All the way from New Orleans, Louisiana. A tree! (Of course it’s a tree, this blog is mostly about bonsai). I got a Facebook IM from a friend, Jim, who lives in New … Continue reading

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Elm root cuttings part 2

I had a request from a reader, Tom for this update and considering the growth, I guess I should have revisited these trees a little earlier. Here are the two main elms The first tree is a Chinese elm (ulmus … Continue reading

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You gotta dig down below the surface. Life lessons with ficus bonsai

This batch of trees is still surprising me Watch and be amazed. We have three ficus salicaria in 6 inch pots. This is the lesson: Before you start working on your tree, you have to learn it’s true roots. You … Continue reading

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