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And now, for something different, a tiki man carving

Considering the name of my blog is “Adam’s Art and Bonsai” I guess it’s time to post some art stuff. Right? Maybe I’ll do a painting post soon too. But now…….we have…..a log! Almost as exciting as a blank canvas. … Continue reading

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A ficus styling by email

So,I get an email from Ryan, a reader from Hawaii, asking my advice on a ficus he had found at a local nursery. Just about all the pics in this post are his, except for where I drew over them. … Continue reading

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Bald cypress carving

Recently, at Wigert’s nursery, I had the privilege of teaching a carving class to his students. I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures but I was able to chronicle most of the initial carving of a taxodium distichum … Continue reading

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Carving tools and other ramblings

I’m giving a very similar PowerPoint presentation at Erik Wigert’s nursery so if it seems as though you’ve heard the jokes before you might have been there. Just sayin’. What tools did I use to get to this? Why, I … Continue reading

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After that last post, some pretty trees for ya’

Sorry about that last post and those mighty ugly trees I had to show. But, as Tom said in the comment section, most of the time a bonsai looks ugly sitting on the bench. Three trees for your perusal today. … Continue reading

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What to do with the bush; trimming and disease control

Six trees. I’ll be brief (tough for me in text form I know, but if you meet me in person I am actually very quiet and of few words). I’ll try to be informative at the same time. I also … Continue reading

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