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A small cascade dwarf jade bonsai

Ok, so this short post is me just showing off a bit. I admit it. But it’s also a chance for me to show what can be done with a small dwarf jade (beyond the standard clip and grow technique) … Continue reading

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Hollywood juniper carving and styling

Have you ever seen a tree that you wanted to work on but, unfortunately, wasn’t yours? When I first saw this tree I knew I would own it one day. The back story: Believe it or not, the tree was … Continue reading

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A coupla’ three new bonsai soil components

A quick add-on to my epic soil post (The much anticipated long promised long winded ever-lovin’ bonsai soil epic). I have three products I’ve discovered that I’d like to share. First, an expanded shale product that is not the Haydite … Continue reading

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Demonstration at the Bonsai Society of Brevard

If you are a friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr you’ll remember that I teased you with this pic about a week ago: If you’re not, then you are seeing this tree for the first time. If you are … Continue reading

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Just tilt the pot a little

First lesson today: Get the before pic. Sorry. I got carried away. It was really just a standard prostrate growth juniper. DOH! The second lesson (of which some of the drama is lost because I didn’t get that before pic): … Continue reading

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Some chopping, some refining, and a piece of…

Let’s take a look at three trees and see if I can form a coherent and connected narrative out of the techniques I used on them. The trees. An ilex schillings that needs some refining. A bouganvillea that I’ve pretty … Continue reading

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A day with Dan Robinson

Just recently I had the privilege of spending an afternoon and evening with one of the old rogues of bonsai, Dan Robinson. He is a first class orator with a quick tongue and a quick wit. A true joy to … Continue reading

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