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It’s almost December 31st, seems like a good time to defoliate a Brazilian Raintree, right?

What special type of idiot could I possibly be? I know I’m in Florida and all, but who, in their right mind, would even think of defoliating a Brazilian Raintree in the middle of winter? I mean, even though we … Continue reading

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Bonsai friendship and wabi sabi

This blog is mostly about creating bonsai (except for that pineapple post, you should look that one up) and the incidentals and serendipitous happenings usually get just a minor mention as I ramble on in my wandering way. So I … Continue reading

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Two more junipers, one tall one short.

This post is about two very different junipers. One, a shimpaku, tall and thin like a supermodel. And the other, a procumbens nana, twisted and old. My Facebook friends will recognize the shimpaku already, I teased them with it a … Continue reading

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The advantage of starting with a better tree

This time I’m starting off with a really good specimen that I picked up from D&L Nursery up near Ocala (great people, great trees, if you get a chance to visit I highly suggest it. Their website is Here’s … Continue reading

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Taming the three headed beast

I have this parson’s juniper I picked up at a few years ago at a wholesale landscape nursery for cheap. I mean, like $5, in a 3 gallon container size. It has Beautiful trunk but, that’s it. He might have … Continue reading

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This is what happens when you leave a bonsai at my nursery

I host study group meetings at my nursery monthly (if you’re in Orlando for vacation look me up) as well as look after tree for friends from time to time. My friend Dave (you remember Dave?) will sometimes leave a … Continue reading

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Revisiting the cascade green island from last year

Well, it seems like I should have updated this tree in the summer (from the post green island ficus cascade bonsai) but the poor tree has had a setback. Read on and you’ll learn what. Here is how we left … Continue reading

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