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Return of the Podocarpus (Old Florida Bonsai Revisit)

Earlier in the month I was asked to return to Old Florida Bonsai in Vero Beach for another day long (read that: marathon) bonsai styling day. I had several assignments: Refine the podocarpus I carved last year (how we left … Continue reading

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Trident maple Hunka’ wood

Time to tackle this beastie: This post will mostly be pics with some brief discussions and justifications as there is just gobs (and gobs) of info out there about tridents and I’d just be duplicating it all. What I’ll focus … Continue reading

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Trident maple nebari improvement technique

A quick post on a trident maple and a unique technique for thickening the base. A friend and I ordered about a hundred bare root tridents several years ago. He had done all the legwork and asked me to split … Continue reading

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10 year black pine project (give or take a year)

This will be a long term project I think. Ten years? That might be enough time. It has a good trunk, which is what one should look for as the first criteria: It has some nice bark and good character; … Continue reading

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Subtle changes on an elm

Why would I cut back this beautiful tree? It looks pretty tree-like already, right? The above picture was what it looked like a few weeks ago. Here it is now: Nice winter silhouette but it needs more. Some of the … Continue reading

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Cedar elm bonsai

My friend Erik took a trip to Texas last year to collect a (mainly) Texas native tree, the cedar elm. He was invited by a dude who owns a ranch (not a dude ranch, it was just a guy with … Continue reading

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