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Carving a live oak

Today, I’m working on a live oak (Quercus virginiana). So called “live” because it is mostly evergreen. It actually should be called “southern” live oak because I guess there are other kinds of live oak out there (Texas live oak … Continue reading

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Juniper vs. Brazilian Raintree

The other day my friend Seth came over with the hope that I could give him some pointers on working with junipers. He’s entering a competition that will be using junipers as the tree and he’s never worked on them … Continue reading

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The Central Florida Bonsai Massacre

This is it. The body bag. I’m afraid it was pretty brutal. I was asked to do a demonstration for the Central Florida Bonsai Club (my own club) on two old, large ilex vomitoria schillings. Here are the victims before … Continue reading

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What is the Banyan Style?

This is a vanity post. I know, I know, I’ve made fun of vanity posts before. A vanity post is about a tree that is close to being finished but looks ragged and, by the expert application of technique and … Continue reading

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Bunjin Brazilian Raintree

This is the Brazilian Raintree I got with the original incarnation of the NoNaMe study group. It’s a little shaggy at the moment but, as you might guess, that’s what this post is about now, isn’t it? It is the … Continue reading

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Florida Privet, a post written while the work is being done….

I’m trying something new. Not the tree, I’ve had this one for a while, I got it from my friend Paul Pikel, or a new subject either, I’ve written about Florida privet before. What’s new is that I’ll write about … Continue reading

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I found this poor ilex and had to rescue him

I was at a spring festival the other day and came upon this poor, tortured tree. If this is your first visit to the blog, welcome. I suggest you browse the other posts first to see what we bonsai people … Continue reading

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