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The Long Bonsai Week

Finally, I’m able to sit for a second and reflect upon the last week (or so, I’ve lost track of the days). I can truly say “It’s Miller Time!” Ahhhh, that’s good. Like mothers milk. It’s the Champagne of Beers … Continue reading

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A Florida Hackberry Yamadori

Now, I know that all the Japanese-philes out there, and I really mean those who know Japanese, always cringe when they hear us flat-landers call our collected trees “yamadori”. Technically, a Yamadori is a tree collected in the mountains and, … Continue reading

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Some tricks I’ve learned about air-layering

It’s May, which means it’s air-layering time for me here in Florida. I have quite a workload of air-layers lined up this month but I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned along the way. One of the easiest trees … Continue reading

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Here’s a new one, a dwarf variety ficus microcarpa

I made Erik mad that day. I was out back in his nursery, digging through his growing on area (weird term “growing on” isn’t it? That’s what they say though when they are trying to grow a plant larger. Why … Continue reading

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My ficus is eating its pot!

You remember this tree, right? You last saw it in this post here. It was a demonstration tree I worked on for the Bonsai Society of Brevard at their 2013 Brevard Zoo show. This is the tree today: It’s filled … Continue reading

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Collecting a big bougainvillea

I’m out in the nursery, watering the trees, about a week ago (spring in Florida is brutal, we don’t get April showers so it’s tough on the plants, especially today, at 94 degrees Fahrenheit) and I get a phone call … Continue reading

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Trident Maple update

A quick update on the trident I chopped back in this post. It was funny the response I got from that entry. Some people were horrified and some people were ecstatic. Here’s how we left the tree. It tree looked … Continue reading

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