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Two tiger bark ficus, a virtual styling and The Auction

It’s been a wet summer here in Sunny Florida™, the fungus, slime, algae and moss has been loving it. I feel bad for all the tourists visiting the Kingdom though, you can’t ride Dumbo in the rain. It’s like all … Continue reading

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This was a “ginseng” ficus, now please stop saying they’re not good bonsai subjects

I really didn’t want to write this post as anything other than a straight update and technique post. But I seem to have not only thrown a rock at a hornets nest, but I’ve knocked it down and danced naked … Continue reading

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Dare I call it a ginseng ficus? What does that mean anyway?

My work area is getting worn out. Like my soul. The black background is really taking a beating, with me breakdancing on it and all. The headspins, windmills and backspins are taking their toll. And the stainless steel bench….smh. Sorry … Continue reading

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Rochester or Bust: My trip to the 4th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibit

My wife was not happy. You see, I had no plans at all to make the trip to Rochester, NY this year to attend Bill Valavanis’s bonsai show, the 4th U. S. National Bonsai Exhibit. What happened to stir the … Continue reading

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5 or 6 shohin willow leaf ficus in varied states of dress

I can’t count today, how many trees do you see? I thought I’d share some work with you on varied trees in different levels of advancement. Basically, what to do at each stage, from the first trimming after a total … Continue reading

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Orange jasmine, or whatever we’re calling it now

That’s better…look at all those roots! The tree is a murraya paniculata, variously known as orange jasmine, or orange jessamine, or box orange, Chinese box etc. In Florida they call it Lakeview Jasmine. I have a suspicion why, but I … Continue reading

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Nick and his big old ficus.

Nick came over the other day to work on his big ficus microcarpa. It is the very beginning of September and, considering that he wanted to repot the tree, he came in the nick of time to do it…..sorry, I … Continue reading

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