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One seed juniper in Louisiana?

After that marathon day and night (and day…) in New Orleans, I was on my way to Lake Charles to see Alan Walker, past president of BCI and current head of the Lake Charles Bonsai Society. This is my approach … Continue reading

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Neea workshop and Guy Guidry’s New Orleans Bonsai Boutique

This post has the possibility to be either profound or profane. And the day begins: I woke up with a slight headache. It was almost like a hangover. I probably should have gone out on the town and had a … Continue reading

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New Orleans Bonsai or bust!

I’m back from my Louisiana trip and now I have to figure what the hell happened. There’ve been so many things I’ve seen and so many people I’ve met I’m just overwhelmed. Hoowheee! The trip from Orlando to my first … Continue reading

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Cleaning tools and refining a privet

Damn humidity and Florida rain. I need to get my tools in shape for my Louisiana tour. It’s always a battle with rust on carbon steel tools (the “black” bonsai tools you see for sale). Now don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Sea grape; Tidying up the loose ends

Well, as you may have read in the last post (where I blamed the problem on WordPress) and might have guessed from the original posting A new aesthetic for a sea grape, I lost the second half of that post … Continue reading

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A big change coming, hold your breath!

Well guys and gals, it seems like I’ve filled up the storage space on this WordPress blog and I have some decisions to make. #1 I could end the blog and make many of the higher-ups in the bonsai world … Continue reading

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Development tips for neea bonsai

I’m writing this post as a reference for the New Orleans club, and I’ll try to link all my neea buxifolia posts at appropriate (or just random) points throughout the body of the article. The three trees I’m working on … Continue reading

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