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Refining a juniper or, how to carve a turkey

It’s off to my sister’s for a Thanksgiving dinner (that won’t be beat) and I need something to do while I wait for the turkey. I know, this’ll keep me occupied. Juniperus procumbens nana, a japanese juniper. I’m babysitting my … Continue reading

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Tornado Warning! Batten Down Your Bonsai!

Look what I woke up to. November 25, 2014…..tornado watches and warnings all day in Orlando as well as hard rain intermittently. The wind was bad, but I kept checking the trees and nothing was falling down. Yet. It had … Continue reading

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Hmmmm..white marble, stone carving tools, bonsai?!

My friend Marty gave me this bit of marble. What to do, what to do? I know, I think I’ll try some stone carving. I think it was a waste piece from some home improvement project. It has some rough … Continue reading

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Some quick and harsh lessons from the Sunshine State.

Wow. I bet you’d like to own this tree. Good size, not a bad pot. It was styled by a pretty big name in the business too! Wanna buy it? No, you don’t. Why? Look close at that right branch. … Continue reading

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Podocarpus restyle and carving

Somehow, I always end up with the problem trees. Take this podocarpus. I mean, it has potential but it has some real flaws. An awesome base. Terrible deadwood though. Good branching. It looks like it might have been a twin … Continue reading

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A big, collected holly tree or, you can prick your finger but not finger your….

Gulfport Mississippi, the last working day of my trip. I was invited by my (new) friend Buck to visit his home on my way back and he’d hire me for a private styling session on some trees. Of course I … Continue reading

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Willow leaf ficus: What to do after it’s grown back in

I’m early and I’m sitting in the parking lot. The gate is locked. I’m at the Brevard Bonsai Society’s Annual Zoo Show at the Brevard Zoo. Might as well do something productive. A willow leaf ficus I brought along just … Continue reading

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