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Collected hackberry repot and revisit

Here’s the big tree I promised you in the last post. I think I’m finally getting into the swing of things again too, this is a large tree (I won’t be doing any swinging anytime soon though, if you know … Continue reading

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Bonsai’s got a new pair of shoes!

I get a text from my wife, she says “Your son bought something at a dining shop yesterday?!?!” A dining shop? Of course I said, “A what kind of shop?” She said, “Helzbergs diamond shop. He bought something for $239.60″ … Continue reading

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A slightly neglected Chinese elm

This post begins inside and ends up outside. Opposite of the last post I guess. Must mean I’m making progress. Here’s the little tree. It a very modest Chinese elm. It began life a an s-curve and I chopped it. … Continue reading

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A willow leaf ficus to help me get back into the game

I’m starting small. How’s this? I’m outside and working on trees again. Well, one small tree, to begin with. It’s a willow leaf ficus (ficus salicaria or nerifolia, salicaria etc..) I’ve had for about ten years or so. When I … Continue reading

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My first book review: Bountiful Bonsai

I was recently contacted by a publicist who works for Tuttle publishing about a book review. Ann Niklasson, the publicist, asked me to take a look at this book: Here’s a screenshot from her email, in fact. So she basically … Continue reading

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