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Chinese Elm Bonsai Reboot: I’m sorry Paul….

Here’s a real beastie to tame….  Probably should have done what I’m about to do when I first got it (I reallydid cut it back a lot then, but not just enough. You’ll see) but one is sometimes awed … Continue reading

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How to lose a trident in ten days

Last year, about this time I guess, I chronicled a nebari improvement technique that my friend, Ed, was trying with some trident maples.  It involved taking seedlings and passing them through a CD and allowing them to grow. The full … Continue reading

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Rusty Bonsai Tools and Tiger Stripes

Do you guys remember the tool from this post?  Well, I got some advice as to how to get rid of the rust on it from a reddit reader (/u/TotaLibertarian) using an uncommon (and when I say that I mean … Continue reading

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Dancing live oak

Here’s a sexy tree. It is a quercus virginiana, a live oak. It has a really strong leader that is suddenly taking off. Bizarre, I haven’t repotted in maybe 3 years. Something is not right (or, more precisely, something is … Continue reading

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American elm root-cutting restyle/repot

This write up wasn’t going to happen, but then I posted (on my various social media platforms) this pic: Now, you’d think that people (and you Kaya) would focus on the bloody thumb, but no, NOOOO, they wanted to see … Continue reading

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Trident maple pre-spring maintenance

This tree is new to the blog but old to me. I’ve had it for about 7 or eight years, but I don’t think I’ve posted it anywhere on the world wide interwebs. It’s a trident maple (Acer buergerianum), native … Continue reading

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This tree will bug a lot of people

You might have seen this tree before. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll remember that it made an appearance in this post here. That post was about patience, developmental steps, and beer. This was but one of three … Continue reading

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