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Buy the trunk, not the branches

Uhhhhhh…..what da’ hell?  As I may have mentioned, I had plans to attend the 2015 Bsf convention over this past Memorial Day weekend. I took some pictures and did some interesting things while there and I promise I’ll be writing that … Continue reading

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Sometimes you need to neglect your bonsai

And all along you all though that caring for a bonsai tree took up all your time, sitting in the garden, babying and doting over it, drinking green tea and eating sushi. It’s not really like that. Mostly you’re just … Continue reading

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After the Trunk Chop: Fifty Shades of Green

This was a comment by my friend Bill Butler on a Facebook picture I posted: “And now, a passage from “Fifty Shades of Green” by Adam Lavigne: I found her sitting on the bench.  She was soaking up the sun … Continue reading

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 Plastic bonsai? What? 

Sometimes I just like to stir the puddin’, and I think this post will do just that. It’ll annoy a few, make a few think but hopefully entertain you all. Let us introduce you to our cast of rogues for … Continue reading

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Building a display stand for a bonsai

The Bonsai Societies of Florida 2015 convention is coming up later in the month (Memorial Day weekend to be precise) and I had a tree accepted for the exhibit.   This ilex vomitoria “schillings”.  The problem is, I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Bonsai will be the death of me 

I know it’s been a while, sorry. I’ve been ill, in the hospital again and out and had to recover from all that. And the nature of my illness makes me not want to do anything.  As prelude to that … Continue reading

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