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A painting

For you bonsai people out there, I know this seems like a big departure, but I started my journey as a fine artist and I felt the need to paint something.   So I did. And, since it’s my blog, I … Continue reading

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Accepting bonsai from Bohemian bonsai artists

This is not my mess, I know I’ve been incapacitated of late but it was this way when I got it from this mad Bohemian dude I know.   I’ll need to clean it up a bit just to see what … Continue reading

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The “Keep Myself Sane” Tree 

I finally got the portulacaria I had been working on in the hospital (from the last post) repotted.  Here’s how you saw it last:  This was how it was sitting in the pot. Pretty straightforward potting, widest base flat to the … Continue reading

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In case you’re counting, this is post #300. 

Now that’s something to think about. A definite milestone in my internet bonsai journey. 300 blog posts. To be honest, there have been a few times, especially of late, where I’ve contemplated just giving up the blog and, as a … Continue reading

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