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“I’m a real boy…umm, bonsai!”

Earlier this year during, I’ll admit, a period of time where lucidity had been suppressed chemically, I defoliated and unwired this ficus.    I can’t tell you exactly when because my sense of time was altered, as I said, with … Continue reading

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Cracked pots, wire scars, ficus in focus and some philosophy

I’ll apologize for the rambling nature of this post up front (I promise this isn’t the Saruyama blog, there definitely won’t be any 80’s British, pop/rock video embeds to make you cry….or do the Safety Dance). I’m in an odd … Continue reading

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A Dragon Yamadori Buttonwood Bonsai

Here’s the tree I teased with in the last article.  That’s how it looked two years ago in this post. I got the tree from Mary Madison, one of the best yamadori collectors in Florida. It was brought to my attention by … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday with Mary Madison, bonsai Buttonwood Queen 

Can you say “Roadtrip!” ? No, I wish we drove in this.    The Central Florida Bonsai Club has an annual fieldtrip in August where we visit Mary Madison’s home in Lake Placid Florida.  Mary is, indisputably, the Buttonwood Queen, owing to … Continue reading

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Transforming a ficus tree with (gasp!) copper wire

So, get this, here I go and win this tree in one of those bonsai auction pages on Facebook.      It was offered up by a casual acquaintance of mine, Seth. He’s this dude I know from Palm Bay. Which … Continue reading

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Ficus madness. With a little help from my daughter

I’ve been a ficus fool, so many trees,  I’m so cool. Bonsai trees will make you drool, so much saliva, it will pool. I have ficus blood all over my scissor tool, white sap everywhere, like a true believer of … Continue reading

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A couple o’ three ficus. Just because, well…..ficus

I’ve been a little more mobile of late, after getting off The Machine. (Welcome my Friends! Welcome…to The Machine!) It’s the same machine I was allegorically referencing in the post A Painting a few articles ago, a negative pressure wound therapy contraption … Continue reading

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