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Japanese boxwood redux

Time to trim my boxwood. Way over time actually. It’s late September here in the hot F-L-A. So maybe it’s not a good time for you….or maybe so…..depends on your first frost date usually. I won’t have a frost until … Continue reading

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Podocarpus? Podo-crazy!

   A bucket of podocarpus trimmings. If it could be smoked, I’d move to Colorado and make more money selling it than I’d ever make doing bonsai. Or not. Maybe.  I know of at least  two bonsai professionals just waiting … Continue reading

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A broken bonsai tool

Here’s a short post that might help you out, but is really just to make myself look more awesome. Because I am you know, just ask anyone. Unless your name is Mike. For some reason, all my life anyone named … Continue reading

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Please give support for a new bonsai art book that is in production

I don’t generally like to push things upon my readers (except for my arrogant prose and my questionable bonsai stylings, I guess…) but I recently got an email from a well known, professional photographer heaping praise upon me and my … Continue reading

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Crackpot bonsai

 See now and be satisfied for before you is a broken pot.   And a drain-hole screen.     Secure the screen, securely.       Tie-down wire for tying down.     Ficus salicaria root cuttings.  From last year. Radically reaching rooted root … Continue reading

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See, if you just wait ten years, you, too, can have a bonsai. 

Ten years.       Yeah, it took ten years to grow that trunk to my satisfaction. It was about the same height when I got it from my first teacher, Ray Aldridge. He was closing his nursery at the time … Continue reading

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There’s something not quite right here… it bonsai? Art? 

What kind of mischief am I up to today?     Well, let’s see now, we have a piece of deadwood from a California juniper.      And a young, small, but long, premna microphylla.    We have a Japanese … Continue reading

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