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The Beast, again

There it is. It’s been sitting there, waiting, for well nigh on two years.   It’s a collector of spines. It sits on its perch and licks the gristle and flesh left on the vertebrae it’s been hoarding and wears on … Continue reading

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How about a native Florida ficus to challenge you? 

Stumbling, sweating, staggering  through the saw palmetto brush, trying to reach that oak hammock, shade, the shade just might save me, I trip in a patch of sugar sand, landing face first. Sweat and dust in my mouth, up my … Continue reading

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Just a’buildin’ some trees 

That’s a lot of bush.     Just by looking at it I’m getting tired.  I need a rest already. I’m getting too old to be able to handle a bush like that, really.    But, as the song says, … Continue reading

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Up a creek without a paddle. I do have a raft though….

The raft style. Not so sure about it….it seems, I don’t know, almost like cheating or faking. Or, it’s what one does with inadequate material. Kinda like when you make a tree with branching only on one side into a … Continue reading

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Is it really necessary to do that? 

Yes, it is.  Let me show you.     It’s a podocarpus.  It’s tall.  It’s full.  It’s boring. It was styled in a time when bonsai trees were taller. The vaunted 6:1 ratio that the bonsai elite quote as canon … Continue reading

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What kind of bonsai trouble can I get into with a scrap piece of wood…..?

More than ten years ago, my first bonsai teacher gave me some unfinished mahogany boards that had been used as shipping boxes from Central America. He said to me,  “Here ya’ go kid, I’m sure you’ll find a use for … Continue reading

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One years growth on an Orange Jasmine 

Whoops! They almost got me that time.     It seems that the wasps have been invading the nursery of late. I’ve been stung, Johnathan and my son Logan too. And they’re not those big, slow, calm ones (that my idiot … Continue reading

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