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The social media ficus or, what a turkey!

If you follow my social media escapades, you’ll have seen this tree recently:    Weird and wacky, isn’t it? It’s a ficus microcarpa var. crassifolia “green mound” although most people still call it a green island ficus (it seems like … Continue reading

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Bonsai friends 

“…..We do crazy things when we’re wounded, everyone’s a bit insane….” Tom Waits  I’ve been introspective, sometimes even pensive, of late. As I sit here, drinking some scotch that my friend Jack managed to cause me to win (don’t ask … Continue reading

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Bonsai Noodle Soup

I warned you.  Here it is.   The soup post. Well….with a few junipers thrown in, but there’s definitely soup. Chicken noodle soup to be precise.  First, let’s start with the tree.     A juniperus chinensis “something or other”. … Continue reading

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First styling of a Blackjack Oak yamadori 

It’s been two years, at least, since I collected this tree. That should be enough time for it to have gained strength. I’m still not going to be too rough on it though.    It was tough to identify this … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle…er, the Tropical World of Wigert’s Bonsai’s Annual Open House, 2015

I had a mission. I had to deliver this big tree to Erik, who in turn will deliver it to Nathan, in California.    Let me tell you about its world and about Texas Radio and the Big Beat. It … Continue reading

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This time, I will not fail! #bonsailife

It’s a bush. A big, big bush.     It certainly has filled in.    I’m going to get Johnathan to defoliate it while I tell you a story.     Once upon a time, when hubris was a thing … Continue reading

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Child labor and bonsai, an exposé

That’s right, it’s like the 19th century for children in my nursery. Not only do I force my own children to pull weeds in the midday Florida heat, repotting ficus after ficus, and trimming thorny bougainvilleas without gloves, I have … Continue reading

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