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Picking a pot

I posted this pic on social media a few days ago with the question-“Which pot?”  Oh-boy oh-boy did everyone have an opinion. I already had a pot picked out for it but I thought I’d have some fun reading the … Continue reading

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Some more ilex? Why not?

So, my friends, you are wondering what’s going to happen to that stumpy ilex I left you with in the last post.     I gave you a not-so-precise idea in a virtual scribble and a possible future for the … Continue reading

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Holly, times three

  I ain’t never seen a bush so full that needed trimming like this one. That’s an epic bush. A biblical bush. Like out of the 70’s/early 80’s. Wowser!  How’s this one?    This one is sparse but still full. Def … Continue reading

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Carving a root stand

Again, going back to January (before my latest surgery), I had the pleasure and privilege of taking a root stand carving workshop with Sean Smith. Sean is probably the pre-eminent Japanese woodcraft artist active in the bonsai community in the … Continue reading

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New product for making your own bonsai pots 

Before I begin, I must say two things: first, because it is the law when writing about things like this on a blog, I do not/did not receive any compensation from the manufacturer of this product. Second, I would really … Continue reading

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The trees of Kawa Bonsai’s Joy of Bonsai show, 2016….hopefully it’s not the last…

This post is late in coming but I think it’s important to share the pics.  This could possibly be the last Joy of Bonsai the the Kawa Bonsai Society of Florida puts on. It’s definitely the last one in its … Continue reading

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