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Taking a stand 

The 2016 Bonsai Societies of Florida annual convention is coming up (go here for details, there’s still some room in the workshops) and I, again, have a tree in the  dog and pony sho…aaa, the exhibit this year so it is, … Continue reading

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Ficus Maximus

This is a true gem. Not a green gem. Maybe a kinmen or Kemang or Kidman or Kingman, depending on your accent and the English pronunciation of Chinese you prefer. But it’s good.   You wouldn’t think it’s a gem, from … Continue reading

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Social media bonsai hag

If you’ve been following the various social media platforms I subscribe to, I’ve posted a few pics of a celtis lævigata I collected a few years ago. My original intent was to chronicle the progression only on those sites by … Continue reading

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Ficus, me matey!

 Uh oh, I’m doing it again. Look what I’ve done gone and found:    Before we begin, click here for the soundtrack. No, really, you’ll be amused. I need to make more YouTube videos, you can actually make money on those.   … Continue reading

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Time of the ficus

 I’m taking a break from the broad leaf and starting with some tropical bliss, which could be read a few different ways. But what it means is, are you ready for some ficus? How’s this for growth?   Talk about huggie-branches, … Continue reading

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