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The James J. Smith collection at Heathcote Gardens, pt. 2

I have made another editorial decision (since I am the editor in chief) concerning this continuation of the James J. Smith photo essay; after counting how many photos of trees there are in my camera roll, I am splitting the … Continue reading

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The annual, mandatory, airlayer post 

To fulfill my contractual blogging obligations with the National Blogging Counsel, here is this year’s airlayer post. For kicks, I’m combining two different time lines, just to see if I can keep myself in the correct tense grammatically and time-wise. … Continue reading

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Wait ’til you see what I do to this new acquisition! OMG!

Look at this beauty! A collected neea buxifolia (the common name is nia. Don’t ask me why the difference in spelling. It’s a tree native to Puerto Rico and they say nia. Maybe some macho man botanist had to assert … Continue reading

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