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‘Twixt the Twining Twisty Trysting Tree

I picked this Hackberry up at the 2018 BSF convention from a gentleman named Gene. It called to me, as they say. Those who’ve gone to a major show understand it. I was a vendor, as usual, and I’d been … Continue reading

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Bonsai on The Road: Some travel pics from my June 2018 Mid-America tour

I think this is a good place to begin the journey, at the White Castle. We can just kinda “slide” into it……Although, now that I think of it, most adventures end, it seems, at the Whitecastle… My first ever visit … Continue reading

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A quick trident maple forest

Here’s a neat project. This little trident maple clump has some history. It was purchased, from another Central Florida nursery by Ben, from Agresta Gardens. He didn’t pay too much for it, if you parted it out, but as a … Continue reading

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