“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant”
-Robert Louis Stevenson-
Class schedule:
All classes take place at the nursery (1107 3rd St. Orlando, FL 32824) unless otherwise stated

Check back soon, new classes are in the works!

14 Responses to Classes

  1. Judith Richter says:

    When does your next beginners class start. Do you have any classes that are only three sessions? Our club no longer meets and I need to find someone I can talk Bonsai with. Also, can my husband come with me at no extra cost.


    • adamaskwhy says:

      Hi Judith
      I will have to set up another 3 session class soon.
      You can always just schedule private session sessions if you’d like, either at your house or my nursery. It would be free for your husband.
      Which club did you belong to? If you want, you can send an email to me:


  2. peter says:

    I would like to buy cds from your classes and bonsai bender,please let me known.Thanks,Peter.


  3. Steve Gentile says:

    Adam, this is Steve G, former member of the CFBC, I saw that you recently visited Jim Smiths nursery and returned home with a few pre bonsai items. Do you know if he still has any pre bonsai material available to buy? I would like to take a trip to Vero to see what is left, and hopefully pick up a few. Thanks for the help. Steve.


    • adamaskwhy says:

      Good to hear from you! Where have you been?
      As for Jim, I believe he’s still open and he does have stuff left. The best time to go is on his 4th Sunday workshop


      • Steve Gentile says:

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, still living in town, working on building my collection. Great to hear frome you, and glad to see you helping others further there education in the art. I will make the effort to get back to some of the CFBC meetings. Still Fri.? Thanks for the help man! Talk to ya soon!


  4. Taylor says:

    Will any classes be available in 2017?


  5. John Huff says:

    Do you have any plans to run one of your more advanced 10-Saturday sessions like the one you are running in Tampa? Except in Polk County or your neck of the woods?


  6. Alison Kibler says:

    Hi Adam!

    I am in town on vacation from Michigan and I am looking to check out Bonsai places in Florida while I am here. I have been to Schley’s and Wygert’s and I am looking for other Nurseries like that or others of the beaten path. Do you have any suggestions of places to visit?



    • adamaskwhy says:

      Well, where are you staying? I’m in Orlando by the airport, there’s Dragontree Way down on the east coast in Palm City, there’s Mike Rogers place in DeLand, there’s Artisans Bonsai in Tampa.


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