I am proud to announce the new Adam’s Art and Bonsai web store.
I’ll be offering shirts, American Bonsai Tools, one of a kind stands and pottery. 


All shirts are screen printed to order 
And will sometimes offer limited artwork runs like these:

To order, send an email


18 thoughts

  1. I remember a picture of you wearing at shirt that says something like “Tee hee hee. I play with trees.”

    Where can I get one like that?


  2. Hello Adam,
    We attended one of your classes at Epcot.. great info, as a matter of fact I recorded it to go back and look at it to see what I missed… the question I have is.. can we use any wire? Can I just strip some copper house wire I have and use it?


    1. Hi Steve, hope you had a good time, sorry for the bad jokes.
      You can use any wire but if it’s not soft enough you will damage the tree putting it on. With copper we use annealed product. Aluminum is soft enough on its own without having to treat it at all. Steel is usually too stiff as well.


  3. Hi Adam,
    I visited your booth down in Orlando and you mentioned you were planning to sell bonsai tool pouches and were hoping to have them there, but they were not ready. Are they available yet, and where can I go to view them?


    1. Hi Frank, we had some but, even though they were very high quality, they were very costly too.
      The guys at American Bonsai Tools are working on a less expensive replacement as we speak.


  4. Hi Adam I received your information from American bonsai tools, I visit the Orlando area often and would like to take some of my trees to work on them in a private class and also look at your inventory. Please contact me.

    Thank you Rick


      1. thanks for the quick response, not seeing anything but the tools and merch, ill keep checking back though.


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