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Akadama, the ideal Bonsai soil

Soil. Dirt. Aggregate. Substrate. Soilless mix. Whatever you call it (the only correct and descriptive phrase is the last one), it’s a controversial subject. One can have a more civil argument discussing the left/right division in the US political paradigm … Continue reading

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A juniper bonsai……wait, Adam’s doing a juniper?!

This post has taken seven months to complete. Not the writing but the waiting…for the tree. And, yes, today’s subject is some kind of juniperus chinensis. I thought it was a Parsons juniper but, after doing some research, the Parsons … Continue reading

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The much anticipated, long promised, long winded, Ever Lovin’ Bonsai Soil Epic

This was a hard post to write and I don’t blame you if you skip over some parts. I seriously considered putting some naked pictures in here to spice things up. Of me. Let me begin the post by first … Continue reading

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