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Midnight Rider

It’s after midnight, and I’m going to let it all hang out (and mix my song references).  Because I’m not sleepy, or maybe I have a guilty conscience (or not, depends on who you listen to, I could, as evidenced … Continue reading

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Ficus Benjamin Cold Fusion, Where’s My Nobel?

New video over on the YouTube channel, a ficus benjamina grafting project. There are some real bad jokes in this one, but some cool guitar riffs and licks.I apologize in advance…..

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Please give support for a new bonsai art book that is in production

I don’t generally like to push things upon my readers (except for my arrogant prose and my questionable bonsai stylings, I guess…) but I recently got an email from a well known, professional photographer heaping praise upon me and my … Continue reading

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Crackpot bonsai

 See now and be satisfied for before you is a broken pot.   And a drain-hole screen.     Secure the screen, securely.       Tie-down wire for tying down.     Ficus salicaria root cuttings.  From last year. Radically reaching rooted root … Continue reading

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A painting

For you bonsai people out there, I know this seems like a big departure, but I started my journey as a fine artist and I felt the need to paint something.   So I did. And, since it’s my blog, I … Continue reading

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The “Keep Myself Sane” Tree 

I finally got the portulacaria I had been working on in the hospital (from the last post) repotted.  Here’s how you saw it last:  This was how it was sitting in the pot. Pretty straightforward potting, widest base flat to the … Continue reading

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Why I “waste” my time on “bad” trees or, I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation 

Here I go again, stepping in the ant pile…..hopeful I don’t get bit this time…. Ya’ll remember this tree that I teased you with a few posts back?  Well, we will get back to it towards the end of … Continue reading

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