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Worst case scenario

Well friends, here’s the hurricane Irma aftermath blog. But with some perspective. Sorry.  This is Pablo. A wood carving I did many years ago. He’s a fixture on the blog and on my Instagram feed.  He’s called Pablo because he … Continue reading

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Some recent projects

If you’ve been following my social media exploits, you’ll recognize some of these trees. If not, why not? I’m twice as clever over on the Instabooks and the Face-a-gram,  not to mention I’m a big Twit when I tweet.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Check out the first full length Adamaskwhy YouTube video

Get ready to be amazed! (or severely disappointed, or, for my enemies, even annoyed) For behold, we have waiting below, just a click away, the very first, full color, full length, walking, talking, and accompanied by music, YouTube video from … Continue reading

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Clump style willow-leaf fig from a sawn off root ball

I’m in the weeds…..  Literally. Let me finish up here and I’ll show you the tree.  What is that?   A balloon. A yellow balloon. That reminds me of a poem I wrote as a lad:    A balloon, a balloon,   … Continue reading

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Beating a water oak, ficus, and a boxwood with a red stick

And….. I don’t remember what day it is but whatever day it is, it must be Baton Rouge. At least. Time to have some coffee with Lowell Tilly. Man, that guy can drink coffee. And he has some trees too, … Continue reading

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A big change coming, hold your breath!

Well guys and gals, it seems like I’ve filled up the storage space on this WordPress blog and I have some decisions to make. #1 I could end the blog and make many of the higher-ups in the bonsai world … Continue reading

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Readers submissions: a juniper and a ficus

From time to time I get photos from my readers (no, not those kind, though I keep hoping) asking for my thoughts on their trees. I’d like to share two with you I’ve recently received. A juniper and a ficus. … Continue reading

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