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2 live oaks, as oaky as they wanna be

A shiny nickel to the first person (in the blog’s comment section) who identifies the reference in the title.  Today’s subjects are a coupla’ live oaks, one collected, one a nursery grown tree.      Let’s see if I can get … Continue reading

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Dancing live oak

Here’s a sexy tree. It is a quercus virginiana, a live oak. It has a really strong leader that is suddenly taking off. Bizarre, I haven’t repotted in maybe 3 years. Something is not right (or, more precisely, something is … Continue reading

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Two new beginnings. Ficus and oak

I have two new charges to take care of at the nursery. Neither of them are mine, so I have to pay special attention to them so they don’t die or suffer or anything grim like that. One is a … Continue reading

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Carving a live oak

Today, I’m working on a live oak (Quercus virginiana). So called “live” because it is mostly evergreen. It actually should be called “southern” live oak because I guess there are other kinds of live oak out there (Texas live oak … Continue reading

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