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But, but, but….are these bonsai? 

In all my trips across the Florida Panhandle, on I 10 in and around the Tallahassee area, I kept seeing this sign. Me, being the itinerant bonsai guy I am, had always driven by in order to get to the next … Continue reading

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Dare I call it a ginseng ficus? What does that mean anyway?

My work area is getting worn out. Like my soul. The black background is really taking a beating, with me breakdancing on it and all. The headspins, windmills and backspins are taking their toll. And the stainless steel bench….smh. Sorry … Continue reading

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So, you’ve recently purchased a “mallsai…..

Perhaps you’ve had an interest in bonsai for a while now and you’ve finally given in to the urge and bought yourself a “bonsai” (or maybe you’ve received a gift) and now you’ve gone on the Internet and started doing … Continue reading

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