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Chop chop chop, is it technique or butchery? 

Uh oh! It doesn’t look good for this ficus.  Like they say, the first cut is the deepest. Snikt!!Don’t worry, I might know what I’m doing…..maybe.  Let’s continue with the insults, it gets worse. Poor tree. It gets worse. You see, … Continue reading

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Two buttonwoods to learn from: Part 1

For this lesson I have two buttonwoods The first post will deal with the first tree (like..duh!); in which there are two problems, one design, one horticulture. The second post will….uh, well, you get the idea. Let us begin then… … Continue reading

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What’s a happenin’

I’ve had this week off of my regular job so I’ve been able to work in the nursery. I found these ficus microcarpa retusa “tiger bark” at a nursery in south Florida. They look like they were Chinese imports. But … Continue reading

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Refining a ficus salicaria (formerly nerifolia,salicifolia, et al) The saga of the Willowleafianus

……and we join this post already in progress: I’m in Cincinatti with Evan, current president of the BSGC. Mid June. Day three of my trip. Doing some BS with the Prez of the BS of Greater Cincy and talking some … Continue reading

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Deciduous tree root work

This post will get to the root of many people’s fears when performing the initial potting of a deciduous tree. The tree I am using is a winged elm (ulmas alata). An aside about the species; an american native not … Continue reading

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