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Developing The Tree

You might remember this tree, its was featured in the epic, groundbreaking and  confirmationally biased blogpost, ” I use some fancy words to justify my defoliation habit, go figure“.  It’s a ficus microcarpa, sometimes described as a “ginseng”, as though it’s a … Continue reading

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Total Willowleaf Ficus Drama!

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see..” Henry David Thoreau What are we looking at here? What do you see? I can already guess what the responses will be, I’m a psycho…..uh, I mean a … Continue reading

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Hackberry..uh,sugar berry….Celtis species update

Here’s a quick update on the development of my hollow trunked shohin hackberry. This is the original post. It has been trimmed in the interim (promise) but I have let it grow since the end of summer. I am a … Continue reading

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