Here are the pics I promised. Accompanied by my…um… insightful commentary
This is Peter Warren from the UK. He apprenticed in Japan and was there during Ryan Neal’s apprenticeship.
When he and Ryan first met Ryan said
” Do you speak english?”
Peter said
” I am English”
The previous picture was the before of an ilex shilling Peter was doing for a demo.This is the after.

This is a black pine that Ryan Neal worked on. He only did what work was appropriate at this time of the year and no more. He believes that the health of the tree is more important than a “finished” tree in a demo.

Here Peter carving on a big podocarpus. Notice the first aid kit he strategically placed within reach (should he need it)
Here is an after pic. Peter is doing some interpretive dance to explain how line and movement are utilized in the art of bonsai.
Mike Feduccia trying to find the end of the wire.
Jason Osborne pricking his finger
Jason’s finished tree.
This is my table in the vendor area.
Ryan’s last demo tree. Shimpaku juniper. The tree was chosen out of the batch of trees from the workshop.
The God of Thunder visited my booth
Peter demonstrating a new technique pioneered this weekend.

Finished tree. Successful hammer fist!
It’s a bougainvillea btw.
Be sure to visit for some more professional pics. I try to take candid and spontaneous photos that tell a story.
Hence my parting shot

That story,though,I will only tell when I meet you in person.
Wish you were there and if you were I’m glad I met you.
If you ever have a chance to go to a bonsai,show take it. The knowledge you gain is only eclipsed by the friends you will discover.

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