4 thoughts

  1. Looks like some great work!

    I have to agree about the particular willow-leaf you mentioned, with the “whirlpool nebari.” To me, that doesn’t look natural; it makes the hand of man look even more evident.


  2. Looks great. I just recently got into bonsai and I was wondering what kind of mix you use for your willow leaf ficus? I just picked one up from a local nursery in Florida and it came as a plug. Its currently in a regular potting soil that is pre-mixed with a slow release fertilizer. Thanks for your input.


    1. Thanks. If its in a bonsai pot I use my standard soil; Red lava, calcined clay, pine bark.
      If I’m growing it out I’ll use a regular potting soil mixed half with either bonsai mix or perlite.


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