Here are some of my paintings that encompass the Art part of my blog. I’ll add more as I go so check back often.

This one came from a sketch I did of a subway performer in Boston. I intentionally made the hand grotesque and bent the guitar neck. I wanted the feeling to be one of deep concentration and making the act of playing really powerful. It is unprimed muslin stretched over an old window frame. About 20″x34″ acrylic.

This was an interior from a magazine that I drew over in bold lines as a sketch. Then I did a painting from that study. 24″x24″ acrylic on muslin.

The first two paintings were from my first, feverish stage when I was young and my output was phenomenal. Most of those have been destroyed or given away. This one is a recent painting. It’s acrylic on canvas 24″x30″.

This is oil on canvas, 28×32 or something like that. You can see the Van Gogh and the Florida Highwayman influence. These are art for art sake, nothing to prove except that I could do it. Nothing to say except that the sun is bright and the trees are cool in Florida. Those are pine trees by the way.

This is acrylic on a found, partially rotted plywood board. It’s about 48×36.
This is from the older era. They meant things back then. It’s an odd thing to revisit past works.

This is an older painting. A black and white phase to teach myself tone and contrast. It is actually an image that is turned upside-down. It’s a man holding a dog that’s lolling and playing. But turned upside-down it looks different. I did paint it in this orientation and not just flip it.

This is an older painting. Acrylic on canvas 24×24″. It also incorporates collage techniques. The image of the woman with the cane was an ink splotch that I filled out. The title is “My mother of turbulent times”

A still life. Acrylic on canvas 48×48″. I like it.

This one is oil on canvas 18×24″ I painted this in a heavily textured style and in only 15 minutes. It is a study from nature as the sun was setting so I had to get it done then. I am quite fond of this one.

Made up Florida seascape 18×24″ oil on hand stretched canvas. I used a palette brush on this one.

Multimedia collage on board. I took the photos and drew the portrait. About 24×36″

Oil on hand stretched canvas. About 20×36″
I think I mastered the palette I was trying to get in my landscapes in this one. The brush strokes show the energy too

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