Wood carvings

Here are some pics of some of my wood carvings. I’ll add more as I go

This is one of a series I did with red cedar I found after the hurricanes a couple of years back. They are in the “tiki” style. This I consider a mask. It hangs on the wall

Here’s another. I used an angle grinder with a carving blade and then sanding disks and I finished with sand paper. These are also unfinished except for sanding

A third in the series.

This one is a full tiki, it sits. It’s kinda funny looking too. The skeleton is from a project I helped my son with and the painting is one I purchased from Nassau.

This is a 30″ tall full size tiki. I did use lacquer to finish this one

This is a cypress knee I carved with a dremel tool in a wizard face.

This is granite. I used my angle grinder using a diamond embedded disk. I also lacquered it to shine it. The carving on the right is from the Carribean and the stone on the left is a Chinese viewing stone.

This is a suiseki I liberated from a stone bed in a local theme park. I carved the diaza for it.

This is an expired podocarpus bonsai that I decided to preserve. The carving is not how I carve living bonsai but a style to give it texture and then I oiled it.

This is a walking stick I carved. Red cedar and oiled with tung oil. Details to follow




Keep checking back for updates.
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About adamaskwhy

Visual artist specializing in bonsai, mostly.
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2 Responses to Wood carvings

  1. Love that tiki style .
    Keep trucking


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