I got home today and it had rained, so I didn’t have to water. Being the awesome gardener I am, I used the time to do a walk around.

This hackberry is already putting out new buds (it’s been 8 days since I styled it)



And it’s popping in all the places I need it to. Very exciting.
So from there I checked the air layers. I checked the one in clear plastic first.
Which I had done about a week previous to the ones on this tree

And was not pleased. Maybe one root. I cut it off and put it in a pot. Maybe it will survive. Then I went to my aluminum foil tree and was pleasantly surprised

I’ll let them grow another week and show you how to plant them. I think I shall be using aluminum from now on.
I then went to the two buttonwoods I had repotted and they are bustin’ out all over.


The buds will pop out all over the place, up,down and all around.


This one is putting out buds in all the right places too. Some of those branches were way too long.

And here is the “old ilex”

This one is almost filled in. I’ll need to do some thinning soon. Maybe at the CFBC workshop this friday (you’re all invited, the website is www.centralfloridabonsaiclub.com)


This species too will put out buds in every direction and in every place. Good for bonsai but it can be somewhat annoying.
If you do come to the workshop you will see trees like these

Ficus salicaria in a pot by yours truly.

This magnificent ficus retusa by Mike Rogers.
If you don’t belong to a club it really doesn’t hurt to check one out. Just to meet people who practice this weird, particular hobby is worth the time. Or at least come along to have some pizza, we all need an excuse for that. Bring some beer too!
See ya’

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