Quick tip

Here’s a quickie

We have this tree in this pot. They are a good match. The tree is the Florida privet. The pot I got in a raffle or somewhere. Nice, handmade pinch pot. I thought it was mostly useless until now. Here’s why:

We have tree. Definitely needs to be tied into the pot. The problem-

Only one hole.

The tree looks so good in it…..damn.
Usually I do this-

Loop a tie wire onto a bigger wire and put that through the drain hole. But…..

There are no feet and the wire will cause the pot to sit funny and roll etc.
Then…. Shazaam! I have an IDEA!

Three loops, ends through the drain hole and screen and POW! Problem solved.



The screen will be secured, the tree can be tied in, and with three loops it can be adjusted to sit level on any surface.



Nice shohin bunjin tree.

About adamaskwhy

Visual artist specializing in bonsai, mostly.
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2 Responses to Quick tip

  1. lilliard says:

    Very good use of material at hand. I appreciate your sharing.

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