It’s been a long 10 1/2 weeks but its finally over for the 2013 Epcot Flower and Garden Show.
It began on a cold Wednesday morning on March 6th and ended on a hot and humid Monday, May 20th. It had rained last night and that made it steamy.
We all drove in to the Japanese Pavilion again.
Which is always a very disconcerting thing to see; cars actually parked inside Epcot where people are usually walking.
Disney provides all the labor
and we stand around and chat
which is a good deal, I think.
The 2013 Bonsai Societies of Florida Annual convention is in a few days, there’ll be no standing around then (well, for some there will be. But not me)
Disney again broke out some heavy equipment
Look at the wheel covers on that bad boy.
They have the install and the strike routine down pat
We were all out of there in under an hour.
I had had trimming duty about three weeks ago and I cut the tree back hard then, and the thing grew back quick

For being such a slow grower it’s been really shaggy for the show.
I’m baby sitting Dave’s willow leaf ficus grove for a few days (he went into the park to walk around with his wifey and have some fun)
It will sit here for a bit.
And mine
Back home to rest.
We get to keep our signs

Which is pretty cool I think. They may have spelled Buddhist wrong though.
At least my name is spelled right.
And no, in not the singer for Maroon 5 or related to Avril Lavigne (I probably am but I don’t know her)
Thanks again to Paul (OrlandoBonsaiTV) for letting me participate again this year and thanks to all the exhibitors and all those on the trim team for all of their hard work.
And thanks to Epcot for a great show.

8 thoughts

  1. That’s pretty cool! Will HGTV be airing or featuring the garden show at some point? I’ve got to set my PVR!!


  2. Very cool! Dave’s willow leaf grove inspired me to find one of my own. There’s something about this planting that reminds me of being a kid and climbing in trees.


      1. I’m sure the depth you see in person is amazing in such a large planting. Bravo with your picture taking skills. You capture the essence of trees well through the lens.


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