What ever happened to that old Korean hornbeam?

Since I did an update on The Hairy Hornbeam I’ve gotten some requests to show the Old Korean Hornbeam too.
The original post was here. I’ll let you peruse it while I trim my nails…….
Done already?
You skipped over the binomial nomenclature essay, didn’t you?
There some really fantastic prose in there…..
You wound me…
This is how I left the tree
I’ve trimmed it to a silhouette several times since January. Not as much as I would have thought but it grew more than the Hairy Hornbeam.
I haven’t trimmed it yet for this post so look at this virtual-
Pretty close, right?
Left, right, rear-
It’s filled in well.
This hornbeam has grown better than Mr. Hairy.
It is in a deeper pot and that could be the difference. A deeper pot drains better; there were days when there was definite wilt (a tree staying too wet, unless its a Bald Cypress, will grow slower in excess water situations).
I do have some wire cutting into some of the branches.
Those are the worst places.
Hopefully the spots will grow out.
But the cut marks aren’t as insidious as this
Aww…a cute little snail…NO!
Snails eat leaves. With all the rain I’ve had snails are an epidemic this year.
I’ve taken to collecting them in a pot and boiling them. Here’s a recipe from Bert Christensen’s Weird & Different Recipes (click here)
One complaint I’ve had (except for the bad jokes; those are here to stay) is that I only have pictures of my hands and that the readers want more pictures of me (selfies) so everyone can put a face to the words.
Ok, here you go…
I warned you about the bad jokes.
Concentrate Adam, focus!
My wife has a way with photography and at catching the emotions of the moment.
There wasn’t as much wire this hornbeam as on the Hairy Hornbeam but there’s an adequate amount
Not too much different than it was with wire.
Full frontal trunk shot
Exciting, ain’t it?
I’m not gonna put too much wire back on (I’m ok, there’s nothing wrong with me). The branches are well placed, I’ll just need to prune out some unneeded and superfluous growth.
I defoliated the Hairy Hornbeam but I don’t think I’ll do that here.
We will compare and contrast the two.
The types of trimming I’m doing:
Instead of wire, I’ll use some directional pruning.
We have a branch
The leaves are alternating.
When you cut at the leave
the branch will continue to grow in the direction the leave is pointing.
Like so-
And I’m also removing the multiple shoots that have grown.
Leaving only one if its needed.
I do this throughout the whole tree.
And the last bit of maintenance is to brush off the moss creeping up the trunk.
I find a toothbrush is not sufficient on this type of moss. You’ll find in most tool aisles a 3 piece kit that has a black nylon brush, a brass brush and a stainless steel brush. Get that and you use the nylon brush on moss removal. The brass is good for cleaning deadwood and the stainless is good for crocodilian dental care.
All trimmed up-
Damn, I didn’t want to wire but there’s one branch sticking up like Alfalfa’s cowlick.
That’s better
Right side
Gratuitous nebari shot (I like big bottoms)
And the front revealed
I did fertilize as I’m hoping to take advantage of the extra growing season here in Florida.
I’ll show how each hornbeam responds to each treatment.
Defoliation on the Hairy Hornbeam
Or just trimming on The Old Korean hornbeam.
Is anyone willing to make a guess?

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