Earlier in the month I was asked to return to Old Florida Bonsai in Vero Beach for another day long (read that: marathon) bonsai styling day.
I had several assignments:
Refine the podocarpus I carved last year (how we left it then)
Carve another tiki man.
And work on two (not one but two) more big trees.
Which are these two:
An elm and another podocarpus.
They will be the subjects of the next one or two posts.
The podocarpus we are retuning to was featured in this post Podocarpus carving at Old Florida Bonsai.
If you recall, they brought me the tree using a front-end loader.
Richard (who, along with his wife JJ, are the owners of Old Florida Bonsai) had repotted the tree and fertilized it very well and let it grow.
And grow it has.
Now to work.
With my friend Seth to help (considering I have three trees and a tiki to work on today, I needed the help), we commenced to remove wire-
Wire brushed the deadwood-

Trimmed and rewired-
That’s Seth in the above pic by the way.
He was a little intimidated by the wooden faced, even mean looking audience.
I mean, jeez, that one on the left is openly sneering.
Don’t worry Seth, just imagine them naked, it helps.
Wait, this one already is:
I was having so much fun interacting with our audience I just needed to add one more tiki man to the ranks.
I call this one Jack Piña.
Because he looks like my friend Jack with a pineapple on his head.
Back to the tree-
All wired out.
Lime sulphur.
Which will take some time to turn white.
There’s not too much more to show except the before, middle and end.


Thanks to Seth for the great wiring job and putting up with the lime sulphur spatter all over your face (sorry man).
Richard’s assignment is to find a big pot for it this year and I’ll be back next year (or sooner, I’ll have my people call your people) for another session on it.
Next post:
The big American Elm.

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